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Once I bought a record player from my first self-earned money.  The world of music was about to unfold. All the following guldens, were spent on LPs.

Now this sounds a bit strange: ”long play record”,  it is actually quite short. At the time the ultimate afternoon. Piles full of homework remained, music was far more important. Studying the cover, instead of Latin.

A lot has changed, besides music. Everywhere I am I surround myself with music. Working from home is still bearable with music. Without the records but with comfortable streaming. Technological developments has made life much easier.

But has the quality of the sound improved by the same amount, you may ask. The answer obviously depends on several factors. The quality of the sound is by far not as good than from my first speakers. Progress in usage, but decline in sound. No matter how good your Bluetooth speaker is, it doesn’t come close to your old stereo sound system, as it was once called.

Vinyl is on the rise, but what about the speakers?

Creative solutions are often crossovers between classic quality using contemporary technology.

How is your sound?